First Aid - Recovery Position

Published: 2018-01-11T12:36:00Z

If someone is unresponsive and breathing then you need to turn them onto their side and into the recovery position, to keep their airway open so they can still breathe.

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First Aid - Choking

Published: 2017-12-13T13:56:00Z

One of the most successful skills that a first aider can learn is the treatment of choking.  Things such as food, sweets, or small objects can easily become lodged in the airway if they are accidentally 'breathed in' rather than swallowed. Recognising that someone is choking it essential to a successful outcome.

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First Aid Quiz - Part II

Published: 2017-12-12T16:10:00Z

How did you do in our first aid quiz? Here are the answers...

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First Aid Quiz - Part I

Published: 2017-12-12T15:57:00Z

Take five minutes out of your busy day to reflect on your first aid knowledge.  We always hope that you do not have to test your skills in real life but keeping engaged and up-to-date could make a big difference.

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Award Winning Team

Published: 2017-11-16T10:01:00Z

Winners of the coveted Most Innovative NHS Education Provider award at the Bright Ideas in Healthcare Awards 2017 - Falls Prevention Training.

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