Published: 2018-07-04T14:59:00Z

We attend a number of events in the region to promote our first aid and health and safety training courses.  We meet with visitors, answer questions and stage live, interactive first aid demos. Most recently we attended the People Power event and the Healthy MindED conference.

People Power was a new event for the North East, specifically designed for all those who want to recruit, engage, grow and develop their talent, maximise their potential and achieve business success.

There were free training sessions, access to skills providers and solutions for HR challenges. The People Power event was open to all employers of all sizes (as are our training courses), including businesses, government bodies and public sector organisations, social enterprise, voluntary and community organisations. We met with existing customers and many who did not realise that we offered award-winning first aid and health and safety training. We also ran a couple of CPR and Defib demos, sharing potentially lifesaving information.

We enjoyed our time at the event hope to exhibit there next year. Have a look at the video the organisers arranged, play video
Healthy MindED, was a full day conference looking at mental health in schools, where school leaders and other professionals received practical advice on how to improve pupil wellbeing and mental health in their schools. It was run by SCHOOLS NorthEast.
The day consisted of keynote speeches from expert speakers and numerous workshops sharing best practice and giving practical information on child mental health. The conference also informed the work of SCHOOLS NorthEast’s Healthy MindED schools-led Commission into mental health.
We work with a lot of schools, colleges and universities, this conference allowed us to network and research what our customers would like us to develop training wise.  We are already developing mental health first aid courses and we gained valuable insight as to what schools need.
If you know of an event that might help us spread the first aid word please do get in touch with Jo Wood
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