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How did you do in our first aid quiz? Here are the answers...

1. If you think someone is having a stroke, you must act FAST. But what do the letters in FAST stand for?
a. Face. Arms. Speech. Teeth.
b. Face. Arms. Speech. Time.
c. Face. Arms. Smell. Time.
2. You need to perform CPR. How many chest compressions to rescue breaths should you do?
a. 30 compressions to two breaths
b. 20 compressions to five breaths
c. 15 compressions to three breaths
3. What can you do to help if someone is bleeding from a wound?
a. Tie a tourniquet above the injury
b. Put pressure on the injury
c. Let the blood drain out
4. What should you do to help someone who‘s having an asthma attack?
a. Help the person sit in a comfortable position and take their medication
b. Help the person to stand and breathe into a paper bag
c. Advise the person to do some light exercise

5. What should you do if someone is having a diabetic emergency?
a, Give them a sugary drink or, sugary food
b. Give them a low-calorie drink, like diet lemonade
c. Give them carbohydrates like bread or pasta
6. How can you help someone who is choking?
a. Encourage them to lie down
b. Hit them firmly on their back between the shoulder blades
c. Help them take a drink to dislodge the object
7. How many firm blows should be given to a choking adult before attempting abdominal thrusts?
a. Up to 5
b. 1
c. As many as possible
8. What should you do to help someone who has a burn?
a. Clean the burn with antiseptic wipe
b. Wrap the burn in cling film or a clean plastic bag
c. Cool the burn under cold running water
9. If you find a person who is unresponsive and breathing, how do you help keep their airway open?
a. Sit them up against a wall and hold their head up
b. Put them on their front and tip their head back
c. Roll them on their side and tilt their head back
10. If someone is unresponsive and they are not breathing, what should you do?
a. Call 999 and roll them on their side with their head back
b. Call 999 and push in the centre of their chest at a regular rate
c. Call 999 and wait for the paramedics to arrive

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