Published: 2019-02-04T08:00:00Z

We are pleased to say that finally our online booking service is back.  So sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience over the past six weeks.

We hope you will find making an online booking a little easier, quicker and generally more convenient. It should be self-explanatory in terms of how to make a booking. However, since we operated a little differently in the past, here are a few tips in regards to the new features:


  1. Visit our courses page

  2. Select from the bookable courses you are interested in. This should reveal a list of available dates to book. Select ‘Book now’ against the date you prefer.

  3. Here you will be offered the chance to ‘Sign In’, if you are not already. Or, if this is your first time booking with us you can continue as a 'New Customer'.

  4. When signed in, follow the three quick steps to book your place/s. If you are a 'New Customer' we ask for a little info to facilitate your booking.

  5. When completed we will send you an email confirmation for your records, this should happen within 30 mins. For New Customers it might take 1-2 working days and will also be sent registration details to access their account online. 

  6. Please check your junk folders if you do not recieve the email confirmation before contacting us.


Your account online

When you are signed in on the website, click on your name in the navigation and a drop down list of options will appear. You will be able to edit delegate information (name and contact details), and extra delegates, view past, current bookings and certificates, add PO numbers, and as before, you will be able to edit your account details here too. 


For now, if you would like to move or cancel a booking we would ask that you call the office 0300 777 2717 - we hope to move this functionality online soon. 



Invoices will be generated at the time of booking and will be sent to you (or the billing contact) via email within a couple of working days. Our 30 days payment terms will remain along with our T&Cs.


If you have selected ‘PO to follow’ please can you provide this ASAP. You can forward your PO numbers to us by signing in on our website, click your name in the navigation, select bookings, choose the booking the PO refers to and opt to edit. Once you have added the PO, please save.  Alternatively, if you prefer you could email your PO along with your Booking ID to: 


Invoices will no longer display delegate names or course dates as we found that these can change, instead they will carry a Booking ID. The Booking ID will allow you to identify the delegate/s and date/s for that particular booking when you sign in and look under ‘My Courses’.  Here you will find the most up-to-date information relating to that booking. If however, you do not make any changes you can also view all this information on the booking confirmation (including Booking ID) that we email you at the time of booking – it might be an idea to pass a copy of the booking confirmation to the billing contact if that is not you. If you do need to contact us for any reason please have your Booking ID handy.


Other courses

We offer a number of courses that are not bookable online, descriptions of these course can be found on our ‘Courses’ page: Generally these are not available to book online as we tailor the date, time, venue and price to suit your needs. Please call or email the team to discuss these: 0300 777 2717 |



We have tried to test the service as much as possible but inevitably we will have missed bits.  And as much as we try to put ourselves in your shoes we will never be as good as you at that.  So please do tell us what you think, if you come across any faults, or, if you think we could do a little more – this will help us to continually improve.  Please email Jo Wood with your feedback - 


Many thanks again.

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